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    TDT: Getting the Most Out of Tableau Server on June 18th, 2015

    Diego medrano

      This Think Data Thursday has already occurred.  If you missed it or would like to watch it again, please click here:



      On Thursday, June 18th at 8am PST we will be hosting our next Think Data Thursday and it will be all about Tableau Server!


      Want to learn how to get the most out of Tableau Server? Join our Tableau Server experts Paul Banoub, Toby Erkson, Mark Jackson, and Jeffrey Strauss as we discuss everything from expanding Tableau Server within an organization to using the REST API to automatically update database connections. This panelist format will feature engaging conversations and presentations to help expand your knowledge about Tableau Server, as well as a Q&A session with the experts.


      A bit more about our panelists:


      Paul Banoub:

      Paul Banoub is the Tableau Centre of Excellence manager at UBS bank in London. He is responsible for a global deployment of Tableau Server, with approx. 2700 server users across multiple business units. Paul has been managing enterprise-scale IT services for over 12 years at organisations such as Goldman Sachs and Royal Bank of Canada. He blogs at www.vizninja.com and is active on Twitter @paulbanoub.


      Toby Erkson:

      Toby has been working in the business intelligence and application development arenas for over 20 years.  He's worked for a variety of businesses in the role as a full-time employee or contractor. His skills are a "Jack of all trades" but his focus has been Excel and Access programming, reporting automation, and over-all business intelligence reporting.  He currently works for Daimler Trucks North America LLC , the leading producer of medium- and heavy-duty trucks and specialized commercial vehicles.  He’s the Tableau Administrator for the company and part of the small Tableau team that helps business users get the data and report the information they require with minimal IT bottle-necks.  Toby is active in the Tableau Community with such a strong desire to improve it and help others that he has been honored with the title and responsibilities of "Tableau Ambassador".

      Outside of work Toby enjoys operating and maintaining his Ducati motorcycles and old Volkswagens, participating in forums related to his vehicles, camping with his family in one of their vintage vehicles, and life-threatening hobbies like rock-climbing, racing, and telling his wife to do the dishes.


      Mark Jackson:

      In 2013, Mark was selected as a Tableau Zen Master. He is currently the Director of Business Intelligence at Piedmont Healthcare in Atlanta, GA. He has been with Piedmont since 2010. Prior to Piedmont he spent 6 years with KPMG where he assisted a number of Fortune 1000 companies in both an advisory and an audit capacity. His industry experience has also been broad and varied, but primarily focused on healthcare, transportation, and information services. Mark’s innovative spirit has also led to the development of services and tools that have gained global exposure. Mark is also a globally recognized leader in business intelligence solutions with expertise in data modeling, SQL, and data presentation tools.

      Jeffrey Strauss:

      Jeff is a hands-on visual thinker that has fun creating unique high impact viz's, and working with Tableau server enablement. He has been an advocate of Tableau for 8+ years, and has been developing custom solutions using a combination of scripts and API's for the past 2 years.


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