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    ts.filter on {!Account.id} in report

    Michael Webb



      I am trying to get a small report\dashboard embedded into the account page. I do not use Tableau and have no idea how to create a report for using the ts.filter. However, our Tableau person created a report (not connected directly to SF) in the report there is a field called SF_ID this has the actual salesforce.com id for the account. I added to the VF page  'ts.filter': 'SF_ID={!Account.id}', when I do this nothing shows for the dashboard I can see the tabs but it is not filtering correctly. When I take this out the whole report shows up.


      What am I doing wrong? I checked the sf id and it is correct, something is filtering, just not correctly. As I said we may have created the Tableau report incorrectly though.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.



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          Venkateswarlu Vutukuri

          Hi Michael,


          Try the below, if you want to embed Tableau report in Account  screen of salesforce

          Create a Visual force page with the below code:


          <apex:page standardController="Account" >

          <apex:canvasApp applicationName="<Canvas App Name>"





            'ts.name':'<Report Name>',

            'ts.filter':'<Account Field in tableau Report>={!Account.Id}'

            }" />



          Let me know if that works?

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            Michael Webb

            Sooo close, but not quite


            When I add it the way you have it is blank, if I do something like ts.filter : 'accountfield=actualsfid' it works but of course I need the variable to work.  I am making sure that field is the salesforce.com id field correct. so account.id is the sf unid.


            Thanks so much!