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    Make 'Last Logged In' always visible.

    Toby Erkson

      Maybe this affects moderation more than anything else but I would like to ALWAYS see the last time someone logged in.  I use it if there is a question that hasn't been answered, for example in this thread Tableau Desktop user unable to Login using Tableau Server URL.  I click on Santosh to get his bio and see when he last logged in...oh, that info isn't being displayed   So I don't know if Santosh has been back recently and just missed this post (so I could then mention his name and bring his attention to the thread) or really hasn't been around yet to see it.  This becomes more pertinent for older threads because if the user last logged in 8 months ago chances are pretty good they won't be coming back but if it was a few days ago then they likely forgot (I'm guilty of that).