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    May ATUG parking at Cox Enterprises

    Andy Piper

      Parking at Cox Enterprises today just got easier

      Building security is opening a dedicated gate to their brand new/unused parking deck that has more than ample space for our group and they are also providing the attached parking pass to be printed BEFORE arriving.  Additionally, someone from Cox Enterprises involved with the ATUG meeting will be at the security guard gate to provide these passes for anybody that forgets to print it. Also of note, the parking area they are opening up is not marked as visitor parking as it is our future employee parking (but not yet in use).


      The attached map is customized to direct the attendees to this dedicated gate, which is on the opposite side of the building from the regular visitor parking entrance.  They have opened the gate for building 6205 B (emphasis on ‘2’ and ‘B’).  Please note that this map shows North on the right side.


      Once in the building, you do NOT need to obtain a badge as the conference rooms are in the general public area. Signs for our event will be posted pointing you to the Dayton A/B/C conference rooms.