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    Data Extract API Performance

    Salman Bashir

      Hi there,


      I am using Data Extrect API with Java and trying to create an Extract with about 350 columns and 7500 rows but facing following issues:


      1- While inserting rows in Extract table, it eats up all the system memory, so I have to call system.gc to free up the ram after every few inserts (like 200 rows)

      2- When all is done and I call Close method on extract object, it takes too much time in freeing up the resources.


      Any help regarding tuning up the Data Extract API will be appreciated.




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          Toby Erkson

          350 columns?  That sounds like a problem right there.


          How much RAM is on the machine you're using?


          In the meantime, close every application that you absolutely don't need open.  I often help users who never seem to close anything they open (and save every file on their Desktop ) and all those open applications take up space and use resources.

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            Tom W

            Toby Erkson wrote:


            350 columns?  That sounds like a problem right there.


            Do you really need 350 columns? Are you using them all? Can you split into multiple tables / facts? Or have you considered a 'deep' vertical data structure instead of the wide horizontal?

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              Salman Bashir

              Dear Toby,


              Thank you for such a quick reply. I agree that # of columns in my case is huge but unfortunately it is necessary, I can reduce it by 50 once I clean up my script but it will still remain a lot. I have 8 gig RAM installed on my machine and almost 1/4th of it is consumed by other applications. In the same situation, if I create same extract using tableau desktop, it only takes less than half amount of time than what TDE API is consuming.


              You caught me there , I am the one who keeps everything on Desktop, however, I don't open any unnecessary application, especially when I am going to perform any such task.


              Can I find something to understand what exactly the "Close" method of "Extract" object does and if it could be optimized somehow?


              Thank you once again,


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                Toby Erkson


                The only thing I can think of is that you need more RAM, however, if you are watching your Task Manager and you're NOT maxing out your RAM then I really don't know what's going on