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    Server Performance - Cache related

    George Geo

      Hi All....


      I have a performance issue. Mine is a cluster environment with one primary and four worker nodes.

      I have four VizQL instances, two in one worker and two in other.


      I have another server with one primary and one worker node with four VizQL instances. When I migrate workbook from the low end server to this high end server, the performance of workbooks is less in the high end server.


      I have checked the Load view and Compute View in the admin views of the server. But am not clear with the meanings  of the two. For same set of operations done in workbooks of the two servers, Compute time differs drastically.


      Please let me know the possible reasons for the performance degradation. Please give me suggestions or let me know any questions so that I can try them and let you know.

      And also please let me know if increasing cache size can help? The low end server has very less number of users, but high end server has 10 times more users and workbooks. Will it impact the cache? How to increase cache size?

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          vikram bandarupalli

          Hi Grorge,


          As i understand, you've published a workbook from one server to another which is a 5 node cluster environment. The workbook performs poorly.


          There are many reason's why a workbook is performing poorly and this is not necessarily due to VizQL. Please check the following as a first step.

          1) Perform a performance recording( on the desktop and server).

          One the desktop, import the workbook and goto Help --> Settings and Performance --> Start Performance Recording. Perform certain actions by interacting with the workbook. Go back to and use Stop Performance Recording. You can find more details here, Interpret a Performance Recording


          2) What's the data source and where is it located with respective to server. Could they be in different data center,Network etx which could be causing the delay?


          3) Are you using a extract or live?


          4) What's your version of tableau server? 9.0 has query cache which can be leveraged.


          5) Finally, having a 5 machine cluster will not necessarily mean the workbooks are going to load faster. The services need to be distributed properly. Ex: Vizql, Dataengine, Data Serve is a 64 bit. So 1-2 VizQL should be fine to get started. Having many VizQL could mean they need to be warmed up for query and this could add additional time for rendering.


          Hope this helps




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            Mark Jackson

            Vic seems to have this covered. I'd only add that a single node instance is going to perform better than a cluster with several nodes at low request volume. It isn't like map-reduce where the individual requests are being split into different chunks to distribute the processing.

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              George Geo

              Thank you Vic and Mark. Am looking in to all your points and will get back to you soon.