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    Username and password for SQL Server sources


      I don't deal a lot with SQL Server sources on Tableau Server, but I am working with a few and seeing some issues/quirks.  I am attempting to publish a couple of data sources to Tableau Server with "Embedded password" as the authentication option - I'm not doing impersonation.  The credentials work locally on Tableau Desktop, but when I publish to the server and attempt a refresh, I get an Invalid username or password error unless I am publishing to the server as the "Server Run As Account" (but still using the same "Embedded password" credentials because it is a shared login).  Then, if I attempt to Change Owner on the source, it starts to fail again with the same error.  It's almost like Tableau Server is hijacking the username/password even though I have told it not to.


      I wouldn't think that the "Embedded password" option would have interference from Windows authentication/AD credentials, etc. but it appears it is somehow causing an issue.  Am I missing something specific to a SQL Server data source?