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    assign permissions to contents - multiple projects

    Sean Mullane

      I recently came across an unexpected behavior using Assign Permissions to Contents. Can anyone tell me if this is a bug or expected?


      Scenario: Have several projects, each with several groups with permissions to the project. None of these groups is common to each of the projects. I added a new group to have permissions to each of these projects. I click Assign Permissions to Contents.


      Expected: Since all of the groups with permissions to each of the selected projects were listed, I expected that each of the projects' permitted groups would be assigned to their relative contents.


      Observed: Instead, the group that was common to each project was given permissions to each projects' contents, but the groups that weren't common to each group no longer had permissions to any of the projects' contents.


      Is this how this feature is supposed to work? If so it makes it a little tedious to add, edit or remove a group for a large number of projects since you have to use Assign Permissions to Contents on each project individually.


      I'm on server v8.2.0 right now, so it's possible this behavior is different in later versions but I haven't seen any mention in the release notes.