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    Can we convert tds file to excel format?

    Poornima Kodavoor

      Hi experts,


              We have Tableau and Sales force connection, where in the major limitation with sales force connector is Custom Sql which is stopping us to go with our requirements, So we are thinking go with to extract the data from salesforce through tableau itself and save extract as tds, from which can we convert this tds file to excel format?




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          Tableau kumar

          Generally, Extracts are saved with the extension of .tde, which is one of Performance tuning techniques in Tableau.

          Once you extract data save it on either on Local PC or server, and we can update .tde files.


          The following are the notes from SHWAN WALLWORK.

          • .tde – A Tableau Data Extract that has the data from a data source stored in a columnar, highly compressed format.
          • .tds – A Saved Data Source. This is an XML file that has the connection information, calculated fields, color assignments, etc. that we might find in a .twb, only stored as a separate file so it’s re-usable.


          Refreshing Extracts

          When the underlying data changes, you can refresh the extract by selecting a data source on the Data menu and then selecting Extract > Refresh. Extracts can be configured to be fully refreshed, replacing all of the data with what’s in the underlying data source, or incrementally refreshed, adding just the new rows since the last refresh.

          Full Refresh

          By default, extracts are fully refreshed. That means that every time you refresh the extract, all of the rows are replaced with the data in the underlying data source. While this kind of refresh ensures you have an exact copy of what is in the underlying data source, it can sometimes take a long time and be expensive on the database depending on how big the extract is.

          If the extract is not set up for incremental extract, selecting to refresh the extract will fully refresh the extract. If you’re publishing the data source to Tableau Server, you can specify the type of refresh in the Scheduling & Passwords dialog box. Most data sources support an incremental refresh.

          Incremental Refresh

          Rather than refreshing the entire extract, you can set it up to only add the rows that are new since the last time you extracted data. For example, you may have a data source that is updated daily with new sales transactions. Rather than rebuild the entire extract each day, you can just add the new transactions that occurred that day. Then once a week you may want to do a full refresh just to be sure you have the most up to date data.

          Follow the steps below to set up an extract to be incrementally refreshed.

          1. Select a data source on the Data menu and then select Extract.
          2. In the Extract Data dialog box, select All rows as the number of Rows to extract. Incremental refresh can only be defined when you are extracting all rows in the database. You cannot increment a sample extract.
          3. Select Incremental refresh and then specify a column in the database that will be used to identify new rows. For example, if you select a Date field, refreshing will add all rows whose date is after that last time you refreshed. Alternatively, you can use an ID column that increases as rows are added to the database.
          4. When finished, click Extract.

          The steps above can be used to define a new extract or configure an existing extract for incremental refresh. If you are editing an existing extract, the last refresh is shown so you can be sure you are updating the extract with the correct data.

          If you publish the data source to Tableau Server you can specify a schedule for incremental refresh as well as full refresh in the Schedules & Passwords dialog box.

          Extract History

          You can see a history of when the extract was refreshed by selecting a data source on the Data menu and then select Extract > History.

          The Extract History dialog box shows the date and time for each refresh, whether it was full or incremental, and the number of rows that were added. If the refresh was from a file, it also shows the source file name.

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            Tom W

            You could convert a TDE extract to almost any format you want using the Tableau Extract API - Extract API Introduction | Tableau Software

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              Poornima Kodavoor

              Hi Tom,


                   Thank you for sharing the link.


                    We have same requirement as explained in is it possible to automate data export to csv or excel from Tableau View?


                    The provided link , video I was not able to play it(Will check again). But our concern is to convert to excel from workbook view or saved datasource.


                  Also I understood that, we have got to write tabcmd command in tableau server, can we do in the machine where tableau desktop is installed, for testing purpose.?




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                Oindrila B

                Hi Tom,


                I know I am replying to an old post but wanted to have some clarity.


                I checked out the Video(initial two) and "Creating and Updating Extracts" part from API doc and I understood that it's telling about creating a TDE from any XYZ source

                but couldn't find if we can do vice-versa for example, TDE to CSV


                Is there something I missed/misunderstood? or it's possible but not explained or it's not possible




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                  Tom W

                  You're right, the extract API doesn't allow you to read the extract.

                  Perhaps take a look at this thread instead -



                  On Wed, Feb 7, 2018 at 9:55 AM, Oindrila B <tableaucommunity@tableau.com>

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                    Oindrila B

                    Thanks a lot Tom for sharing the thread, it worked like a charm


                    For people who land up here for the same problem, here's the direct link to the solution I extracted from Tom's shared thread:


                    **One heads up! I had few tabular calculated fields in my datasource which did not get downloaded in CSV from my TDSX(I had tableau server saved DS) which I assume because

                    they were not materialized into the extract when created before publish. If you have any explanation for this, please share, thanks