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    Calculating turnover rate by quarter

    Michael Lynton

      I am working on some HR data where I have done a Union on hire and termination dates. I would like to break down Turnover Rates by quarter.


      To do this, I want to want to sum the terminations for the quarter, and divide by the **average** number of employees for the quarter.


      I somewhat have this working, as you can see in the workbook attached.


      Here is the current view:

      Screenshot 2015-05-13 15.27.41.png

      Ideally, I would see

      Year | Quarter | ... | Turnover Rate

      2014 | Q1 | ..... | 6.72%

      2014 | Q2 | ... | 8.05%

      etc etc


      If I collapse "Month" into Quarter, then it changes the Window calc and I then basically see numbers for the year, rather than the quarter.


      Would this call for using the new LOD calculations with Tableau 9? I tried using that a little bit, but I can't use "Month(Date)" as a "Fixed" variablein the calculation. If I move "Month" to the Detail pane, then I see multiple values in each cell, like this Dropbox - Screenshot 2015-05-13 15.34.10.png


      I'll attach the workbook I have. Thanks for any suggestions.

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          Simon Runc

          hi Michael,


          Can I just check my understanding...


          The 'Delta' field, is this the number of employees in total at that point in time, or is this just the new ones? (i.e. to know how many employees thee are at any particular point we need to use a running sum?)


          The 'Term' field is the number of terminations for that month?


          If you can let me know I the above to question, I'll see if I can find a solution.