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    Any way to disable greying-out of unselected marks?

    Joey Minix

      Here's a gif of what I'm talking about. 


      Gyazo - 9c2d9226e77c38d7c4e632e520c6a363.gif


      I use calendars and simple Shape/Square tables as legends with Action Filters all the time.  I dislike the functionality seen above - the greying out of everything that I haven't selected.  I'd love to be able to make modifications to this behavior.


      1) Disable altogether

      2) Change contrast ratio, so unselected marks don't fade out quite as much, or they fade out more if needed.

      3) Change how a selected mark is highlighted.

           a) highlight color

           b) Border/no border + Border thickness

           c) Some other options, like haloing or something.


      If there isn't a current way to do this that I'm not seeing, I'll add it to the ideas section.