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    Cannot publish workbook running R Script to Server

    Robert Prince



      I'm R scripts on the workbook (v9.0) but can't publish them even though I've followed all prior postings

      and configured the server.    I keep getting the same error saying that i can't publish until administrator configures.


      Both the desktop version and server are on the same host.  (as is the R installation).


      Within the desktop I've configured the R connection via Help > Settings and Performance > Manage R Connections.

      I used "localhost", port 6311 with no username or pw required.


      On the server side I went to the bin folder for the v9.0 server install and configured using:

      tabadmin stop

      tabadmin vizqlserver.rserve.host localhost

      tabadmin vizqlserver.rserve.port 6311

      tabadmin config

      tabadmin start


      I've tried using instead of localhost.


      Nothing works.


      Anyone have any ideas?