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    Tableau Google Analytics Bounce Rates are Blank

    Bradley Warthan

      Hi all


      Have recently Connected Google Analytics Premium (Universal Analytics) to Tableau and churning out some reports.   Read in a variety of dimensions such as date, country/region, event category, action, label, and device type.   For metrics, have included sessions, bounces, total events, unique events, users, and new users.


      For some reason, the bounces are showing up blank in any report.   Even if I completely create a new workbook without the dimensions above, it is showing a blank.   Any thoughts/ideas?

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          I noticed that your question has gone unanswered for a few weeks which can occur for a few reasons. Generally, questions that are thorough, clear, contain screenshots, and packaged workbooks are the most likely to receive responses. Keep in mind that sometimes even great questions fall through the cracks. If you are still experiencing the same issue, I recommend re-posting the question with more information or contacting support@tableau.com.






          P.S. If you have found a solution to the issue, feel free to post it as a response to the thread. You may end up helping another user with the same issue.

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            Patrick Van Der Hyde

            Hello Bradley -


            I checked using 9.0.3 (which had some fixes for Google Analytics) with my own GA data sets and the Measure value, "Bounces" is working correctly. 


            I suggest re-testing with 9.0.3.  There is no field named Bounce Rate in the newer data set but it could be calculated as a percent of 'Sessions' to get a rate. 


            I hope this helps.