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    Consultant Opportunity - p-values, R, and calculated fields

    Beth Singley

      Hi everyone,


      My team is fresh to Tableau and local to the area. Our product is a online learning environment and we need to show that the education provided within the simulation had an impact, IE. it was statistically significant. The trick is that we need to prove it on a a very granular basis - the general trend line is not enough. This brings me quickly to p-values which are the measure that is always requested to determine significance.


      The pie in the sky display includes some sort of hide/show or color code based on above or below a given value of significance.


      I'm told by several folks now that the solution is to integrate with R and do the heavy lifting of the calculation through that software. Our team is a fast learning group, but we need someone to step in on this one.


      Are you familiar with Tableau, R and the blend of the two? Are you interested in consulting for a few hours to knock this out?


      We'd love to talk through the details with you and get started.