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    tableau imposes locks on sql server 2012 database even when connected using user having read-only rights

    Abhijit Salunke

      It is regarding Tableau locking SQL server tables.


      We run some long queries on Tableau server at the scheduled times. The tableau is connected to the SQL server 2012 as user having read only rights on SQL server.

      We have found out that during the times when we run Tableau queries we get many timeout errors in the production web services which try to insert/update the data in tables.


      Our DBA has investigated the issue concluded that Tableau is causing these locks which are resulting in timeouts. I have read it in the Tableau community that Tableau actually imposes locks on the database tables (Tableau Locking Tables on SQL SERVER 2005 db).


      Could you please let me know if Tableau is really capable of imposing locks on the SQL database tables even if its connected to it as user with read only rights? If yes, will this be fixed in coming versions of Tableau?


      Thanks for your help.