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    Touch Screen Technology

    Jason Wheeler

      Hi everyone,


      I wanted to throw something out here that for your review. At Transamerica we have begun entertaining the idea of collaboration to analyze data quickly. The idea is that a group of analysts and data scientists get together in a room and begin massaging the workbook in Tableau. As you look at the data take shape, multiple minds can start asking questions sculpting the concept collectively.


      Something that we thought would facilitate this process is a large "Touch Screen" HD display. Many companies like Planar, Sharp, etc. have this technology available. However, Tableau Desktop doesn't support it. I have tried a couple of display manufacturers and the same result occurs every time. When you're dragging a dimension or measure from one place to another, the pill freezes. So unfortunately, the idea only works on a finished published workbook for presentation of the final product.


      If anyone has an experience in making this work, let me know, please. Otherwise, I created an "Idea" to be voted on at the link below. I urge you to vote yes on it so we can take advantage of new way of working with Tableau, and communicating the data.


      Thanks for your help!