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    Workbooks Missing From Recent Files in Tableau 9.0

    Cathy Bridges

      Sometimes workbooks that I've been working on recently do not appear in the "Open" splash screen, nor in the list of recent files under the File menu. And I mean, things that I worked on 2 or 3 workbooks ago, not days or weeks. Very frustrating, as I can't always remember where I saved the or remember what I called it to search for it.


      Here are some screenshots of what I'm talking about.The CalculationFrustration workbook isn't in either of the Tableau generated recent file lists, even though it is more recent than a lot of the files in those lists.


      It doesn't appear that new release has addressed it - maybe no one even knew the issue existed. I haven't updated to  the latest version yet because every new release requires a visit from our over-protective IT team. I did read the release notes though and I figured I could skip this version.





      Manoj Ramachandra