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    Tableau Server Question

    Jocelyn Gibson



      First of all, I'd like to thank the organizers of the Tableau session last night.  I got a lot out of it.  I'm new at Tableau, but it's a big part of my job.  I've self-taught for the last 3 months, so it was great perspective/learning. 


      I'd love to see a session where attendees could bring in laptops and get feedback on current projects, or include that as an optional thing at the end of future sessions (just a suggestion).


      I have a question about Tableau Server.  I currently use desktop and send out twbx files to clients.  We want to get Server largely so that clients can view dashboards on tablets, and we've got some secondary internal uses for it as well.


      What would be ideal is if there is a manageable way to ensure privacy ie. a particular client can see their dashboards, but not those of another client.


      I don't come from a tech background and admittedly some of the discussion last night was over my head.  Is this privacy maintenance easy to figure out?  How manageable would it be for someone who is relatively new?




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          Greg Lyons

          Hi Jocelyn, there are various ways you can approach and permissions can be set upon publishing or within the server admin module, but the short answer is "yes" you can arrange these access permissions. You can learn more in the online Server admin guide, here is a page looking at permissions: http://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/pro/online/mac/en-us/help.html#publish_workbooks_permissions_capabilities.html?Hig…


          Normally a google search ("Tableau Server Permissions..." or whatever topic you're interested in) will produce just the results you're looking for - hope this helps.



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            Russell Spangler

            I love hearing that you enjoyed the event, we'll try and get the next one on the schedule.  I thought the "evaluate my viz" might get some interest, we can definitely do that during a future event.  If you like, you can post some of your work to the user group page and maybe a few members will give their feedback (I'll be more than happy to help and hopefully others will jump in).


            Security isn't difficult and is similar to other software products, but it takes practice and you have to double check a lot of settings.  I find it difficult to get an entire view of all permission/security settings for all users/groups/workbooks/views in one place, and its easy to accidentally click incorrectly and assign permissions you didn't want to assign,  but its not extremely difficult to setup and fairly self explanatory.  I definitely suggest practicing some settings with non-private-information to test which permission settings work best for your situation.


            Use this link to help understand the server permissions: http://onlinehelp.tableau.com/v9.0/server/en-us/help.htm#qs_permissions.html

            You can set server permission when you upload the workbook to the server.  Version 9.0 has some new improvements to permissions and security to make things easier.  I


            Depending on the number of clients/internal/external you can also have multiple sites



            Greg and also The specified item was not found. can get you access to a demo of the server product (if you do not already have it).

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              Jocelyn Gibson

              Thanks for the response.


              I would love to post a workbook, but the data is sensitive, so not an option.  If you guys have the time for some viz feedback after an event, I'd definitely be in.


              I downloaded and bound the Tableau Server Administrator's Guide.


              There are a lot of terms in it that are beyond me.  Is the strategy to be like immersion instruction for learning a language..  For those people who aren't used to tech terms, they have to learn them to be able to absorb the instructions?  I wish there was a glossary of the more esoteric tech terms.  Should try to get that feedback to Tableau.


              It's also fully possible that I'm just daft

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                Russell Spangler

                You can take screenshots and mask the data if you like, I’m also fine with waiting for the next event.


                In general Tableau server is similar to other visualization server products that I have used.  Most of the features and settings are very common and some of the terms are different, but most share similarities with other products.  Running a server (either Tableau, Microsoft SQL, Amazon EC2 machine, etc.) does usually take a little bit more of a technical background in order to run successfully.  I don’t think Tableau server is overly complicated, as a beginner it should be easy to setup and to start running it, as an experience admin some features are missing, but at least it’s not congested with settings/options.


                I don’t know of a guide that covers the terms (especially of the server product), but the guide I linked to in my previous response has a "getting started guide".  Tableau also provides training (training videos!) on their website at: Tableau Training and Tutorials that might be a good place to start if you feel overwhelmed.