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    Viewing Tableau 9 Background Tasks Queued

    Eric McDonald

      In previous versions the Background Tasks view showed queued tasks as well as completed and in progress. The equivalent view in 9 (Background Tasks for Extracts) doesn't appear to show queued tasks?

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          David Byrd

          My experience, after just upgrading our server, is that when you hit the page it has some filters applied.  I removed the filter from Runtime and I could see all my queued/waiting items.  This page is nice to look at visually but so much less helpful as the Tableau 8 page showing extract progress.  I can't create a custom view on the page so I have to apply the same filters every time I go there.


          Anyone else come up with an alternative to monitoring Extracts in Tableau Server 9?

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            Donna Coles

            err... just checked on our PoC v9.0.3 server and for a schedule that has multiple extracts within that are set to run in parallel I can see the pending tasks...v9 background view.PNG

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              Stephen Smirl

              I use the following method to see pending tasks in Tableau 9.0:


              Status --> Background Tasks for Extracts


              Over the [Runtime (sec) filter, there is an additional 'hidden' filter option that ONLY appears when you hover over the area with your mouse.  When you remove that filter, your pending (waiting) jobs will appear.


              Before removing filter ...



              After removing filter (notice waiting jobs) ...


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                Andrew Macey

                I specifically needed visibility to the utilization of my backgrounders and queue length,and came up with something that seems to work well for me. Tested in 9.1.1 using 'readonly' Postgres user. Any improvements welcomed...


                I'm no expert at adjusting for timezones in data sources, so do it at the SQL level when needed like this:

                select  started_at at time zone 'UTC' at time zone 'US/Pacific' AS started_at from ...



                It's also useful to customize the std. server views (accessible at the O/S level)

                E:\>dir /s tabbed_*_views.twb

                Volume in drive E is Data

                Volume Serial Number is xxxx

                Directory of E:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\9.1\wgserver\z5\WEB-INF\admin

                09/03/2015  09:50 PM        1,017,383 tabbed_admin_views.twb

                09/03/2015  09:50 PM          954,383 tabbed_site_views.twb


                This 8.3 workbook example show extracts by Site, by Backgrounder ID, so I can easily spot offending sites and get them to move their scheduling around. Works fine on 9.1 too.




                Ref: How can you calculate queue length using Tableau?

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                  Matt Coles

                  Very nice, Andrew! I see you found a lot of value in pivoting the standard view to a single line per Backgrounder. My favorite view is much the same, but on the content level, with most frequently refreshed extracts listed first:




                  I use mailto: URL actions on the failures so I can easily email individual owners on their own content.


                  I use a Parameter to offset the time from UTC in my calcs, which is better than nothing, but still is a pain.


                  I love your Queue view, it looks like it really does a great job showing where Server's backgrounders are getting maxed out--and better yet, by what! Do you have it as a .twb that you'd be willing to share? I'd love to try it out on our Server instance. I'd done one like this back when LOD's came out, but didn't get as far as you did in making it visually useful.

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                    Andrew Macey

                    Matt, see Backgrounder_utilization_and_queue.twb already attached.


                    Thanks for the screenshot of your pivot - I'll be sure to incorporate your ideas... I'd also like to combine the two views in a master/detail fashion to see the extracts/subscriptions for a time-slice selection of the utilization view.

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                      Matt Coles

                      Ah, duh! Got it on my own data now--pretty cool! Thanks for sharing.

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                        Andrew Macey

                        I hardcoded the SQL to last 48hrs for workbook performance reasons related to the job activity level on my server. Any improvements welcomed...


                        Backgrounder color-coding is by site, duration, delay, type, priority etc.





                        Updated workbook and screenshot 9-Mar-16. Tested in Server 9.1