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    Tableau Server 9.0: uncommon behavior of VizQL Servers


      Hi. Yesterday the system administrator here in the company where I work did an upgrade from Tableau Server 8.2 to 9.0. He followed the instructions and guidelines available in Tableau's website.


      Everything went fine and the upgrade was a success (also for Tableau Desktop), until the users started viewing their dashboards online.

      Everyone started receiving INTERNAL ERROR messages non-stop, and the dashboards would re-load every 15 or 20 seconds. I've had this problem before and the re-load is usually caused by Tableau Server running out of resources and killing all sessions to prevent a crash. The INTERNAL ERROR also started appearing in Tableau Desktop.


      Checking the server resources, we've seen that we have two VizQL Servers running (as it was suggested by Tableau in a prior support ticket), but one of them is completely idle while the other uses 100% of the processor and 100% of the available RAM - causing, as expected, the killing of all sessions and the internal errors.


      The sys. admin opened a "Upgrade Assistance" ticket, but I think the community may know the answer for this one or at least we can share ideas with people having the same problem.


      Thank you.