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    Problem when change the Size of Worksheets in Dashboard


      Hi everyone,


      I have the Dashboard as the attachment.

      In the Dashboard, I have 2 Worksheets: Country rank and hide. These Worksheets are almost the same exept additional column "Rank of Life Expectancy" in Worksheet "Country Rank".

      Now  i drag these 2 Worksheets into Dashboard 4 and then i use Parameter to Show/ hide the Dashbard i want.

      The Problem is that: when i change the size of the Sheet "hide", the Positions of 2 Worksheets also changed.

      What i want is that: when i Change the size of a Worksheet, the Position of 2 Sheets still remains the same like the first Dashboard.

      Can you please help me how to do that?. Thanks





      New Bitmap Image.png