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    UnSatisfiedLinked Error. ‘libDataExtract.so ‘ ELF file OS ABI invalid for 64 unix box

    Sagar Rao
      I am working on TDE creation outside tableau server using JAVA PAI for 64 bit system.  I am able to create TDE using provided java API on windows machine.  I have downloaded JAVA API for unix64 system . When I  try to run on unix box  , it gives error for native library files as UnSatisfiedLinked Error. ‘libDataExtract.so ‘ ELF file OS ABI invalid.  Guessing there is compatibility issue with native files  (.so files) and my unix version My unix version  2.6.18-308 .el5x86_64 GNU Library Version – ldd GNU Libc 2.5   Can you please help me to resolve the compatibility issue ?