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    Any Workaround to Bring Date Bins to a Calculation Field

    Ying Sun

      Hi everyone,


      I have a spread sheets looks like below


      Project ID          Start Date          End Date

      123-AAA               3/05/2015          3/05/2019

      123-AAB               2/04/2015          2/04/2018

      123-AAC               9/04/2016          9/08/2016

      ...                              ...                    ...


      What I am trying to accomplish is as table below, which calculate number of months the projects are in progress for each Financial Year.

      I don't want to create calculated field for each Financial year, such as FY2015, FY2016, FY2017 and etc.


      I did create Year bins based on project Start Date, but I cannot bring Bin into Calculation. Is there are any workaround?


      Project ID          Start Date          End Date                 FY2015               FY2016               FY2017

      123-AAA               3/05/2015          3/05/2019              7                         12                        12              

      123-AAB               2/04/2015          2/04/2017              8                         12                         4

      123-AAC               9/04/2016          9/08/2016              8                         8                           0