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    Global Date

    Carlos Albuquerque

      So this might be a very basic question, but i cannot seem to derive a solution.

      I need to report average lead times between milestones, or tasks. So I have about 50 different tasks and the calculations are simply

      Calculation1 = DATEDIFF('day',[task2], [task1]) = x days

      Calculation2 = DATEDIFF('day',[task3], [task2]) = x days

      Calculation3 = DATEDIFF('day',[task4], [task3]) = x days




      CalculationX = DATEDIFF('day',[taskX], [taskX-1) = x days


      The issue is that i need to allow the user to filter ALL tasks by a particular date range. i.e. he wants to see the average number of days in march, or january.

      I don't have a "global date" field that i can use as a filter. So everytime i drag for instance task2 to the filter shelf, it only applies the filter to the Calculation2 and 3 fields, when i might have many other Calculations on my view.

      Does anyone know how i could solve this problem or have any suggestions on how to better handle this?