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    Miroring Permissions Across Environments.

    Lazy Rambler

      Hi All,


      How is the Workbook level Authorization mirrored across different Environments?


      Do we have to reset the permissions in all the environments ourselves? Or is there a simpler way where we can mirror permissions of one environment in another?


      We have two environments: Pre-Prod(Already running) and One Prod(On the verge of being set up).

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          Toby Erkson

          The first thing that comes to my mind is backing up Pre-Prod and then restoring it on One Prod.  That would get you started.  After that I think it would be a manual process or else an automated version of the manual process.

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            Lazy Rambler

            Thanks Toby.


            So, when you do take a back up and restore, do the permissions get restored as well? Or is it just the workbooks?

            How do you guys generally do it your organization ?


            We've just started and still trying to find some feet, so automation is not what something we are looking at, atleast for the next 2-3 months(It will eventually come though).

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              Toby Erkson

              Oh yeah, it's a backup of the whole server.  So if you lose your server you can restore it back to its original condition as of the time the backup was generated.


              What I have my users do is test on the QA Server and when they're happy with their work THEY move it over to the PROD Server (which, as we know, is just re-publishing it but to a different Server).  The only thing we do as admins is make sure Projects, Groups, Sites, and Publishers & Site Admins are set up exactly on the two Servers.  With an average of 2 new licensed Desktop user's per week this is an easily manageable process for me and my backup.

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                Lazy Rambler

                Right. I get it.


                But in our case, it is being said that WE are going to move the workbooks to the prod. If that is the case, it will take ages for a single person(Me) to move the workbooks. I somehow have to convince that the business users must be allowed to publish reports to Prod as well.


                I really wish there was a way to extract permissions and load that onto the other server and the permissions get mirrored(Meh! Tableau is already making a lot of things easy, this would be a little too much )

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                  Toby Erkson

                  In your case, very good question!  I'd like to know how others do this as well.  This isn't the first time someone has basically asked this question so hopefully those admins that move things over from test to prod can tell us how they do it.