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    Configuring tabjolt

    DhanabalaSingam Jagannathan

      I have gone through the Installation Document and also the videos that are shared in youtube about TabJolt. I have couple of questions which needs a clarity.  Can someone help me out.

      1. TabJolt application need to be installed in the Tableau Server or it should be installed in Local Desktop and some config changes to be done in Tableau Server ?

      2. Can we supply any number of views simultaneously in the vizpool.csv file? If so, what kind of separator we have to use for multiple reports.?

      3. We have enabled to the JMX metrics in the tableau server. But we are facing issues when running the TabJolt program. I have attached the Tabjolt resultant log.

      4. We are running with 1 Gateway + 1 Worker architecture. Do we hv to change anything in config files if we are running distributed architecture.?



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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello DhanabalaSingam Jagannathan,


          I came across this post while reviewing older unanswered posts.


          I have moved this question to the Server Administration area where it is more likely to get attention as suggested by Neelesh Kamkolkar in his blog post here: http://www.tableau.com/about/blog/2015/4/introducing-tabjolt-point-and-run-load-testing-solution-tableau-server-38604


          In addition, calling out the author of the article and tool to gain his attention.


          I hope this helps.



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            Jeff Strauss

            Let me know if the attached doc helps.  I used it internally for my tabjolt testing so that next time somebody on my team has to do it, hopefully it works good.


            1. I installed Tabjolt on a separate machine that the term goes around as the tabjolt injector.  Maybe it will work on Tableau server as well, but I did not try.  See the diagram on page # 1.  The only config change was to enable the jmx ports and make sure to use admin privileges.  Oh yeah, there's some remote service registry that they had me add as well.


            2. The view syntax is something like /views/worbookname/viewname/sequential #.  there can be multiple lines


            3. I did not see any attached log files


            4. I modified the dataretriever.config with the workers that I wanted to capture data from.  see attached.

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              Hi Singam,

              Just checking back to see if you got this going. Thanks The specified item was not found. and Jefferey - good recommendations.


              We have some known bugs around SSL, are you using SSL?



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                Ralino da Costa

                Hi Jeff,

                In your document you mentioned the following setting



                Step 10: Modify G:\tabjolt\config\ServerTestConfig.yaml. do this on Cygwin by converting using /cygdrive and unix2dos and then dos2unix




                hostUri: http://xxx-dev.xxx.net




                serverName: IP of gateway





                However,in the G:\tabjolt\config\ServerTestConfig.yaml file, the servername appears to be that of the server that host the postgresQL database and not the Tableau gateway server.


                Kindly advise.



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                  Jeff Strauss

                  in my specific deployment, the PG repository lives on the same box as the gateway, so I didn't have to worry about the differentiation.


                  In the original tabjolt instructions (supplied by Tableau) it specifies that you should point at the Tableau server URL

                  "To configure TabJolt, first, edit c:\tabjolt\config\ServerTestConfig.yaml and update the following field to point to your Tableau Server URL.

                  hostName: http://yourhost"



                  There are 2 credential sections that are part of this config:

                  - this is at the bottom and I specified my admin id and password for logging into Tableau Server.


                          - !!com.tableausoftware.test.server.configuration.User         

                            name: myuserid

                            password: mypassword


                  - this is in the middle and specifies credentials for the PG repsitory, you have to enable this with tabadmin dbpass if you haven't already.  also, I think if your repository is in a different location, then you can specify the IP for this here at the serverName


                          connectionString: jdbc:postgresql://%s:%s

                          serverName: xxx

                          port: 8060

                          databaseName: workgroup

                          userName: xxx

                          password: xxx

                          driver: org.postgresql.Driver

                          unicode: true

                          encoding: utf-8

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                    Jeff Strauss

                    It's recommended to run tabjolt on a non Tableau server box.  See the architecture diagram where tabjolt is the injector client box.  You may want to check with Neelesh.


                    I have only had to specify the PG repository within the serverconfig.yml

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                      Ralino da Costa

                      I have TabJolt and it’s PostgresQL repository on the same machine.

                      The Tableau server is on a different node.


                      I did the following configuration as posted.


                      1. Changed the HostUrl to the Tableau Sever URL that internal Users use.Although we use SSL, I didn't use the "https:" in the hosturl.  { xyz is the Worker where processes run"}


                             Enabled the JMX counter by uncommented the XML tags



                      3. Added a single View from the "default" site in the "vizpool.csv" file



                      4. Specified a User account with Admin privileges.



                      However, I'm seeing error when I try and run "TabJolt.