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    Filtering Small Values with different time periods?

    Michael Weber

      Is there a way to filter out small measures (for instance profit of less than $100 or loss of between -$100 and zero, but based on the time period.  I have set up a filter via a calculation but I am not sure how to apply this if my time period is quarter-to-date or year-to-date.


      For instance, I have ABC Corp with quarter-to-date P&L of $50, therefore I do not want to show ABC Corp when I am selecting a Quarter-to-Date filter I have created.  ABC Corp has year-to-date P&L of $10,000, therefore I want ABC Corp to show up when I select a Year-to-Date filter I have created.  Essentially I do not want ABC Corp to show up on the QTD report, but I do on the YTD report. 


      Any ideas?  My current report will either include or exclude on both.


      Thank you