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    Tableau Server 9.0 install on Google Cloud

    John Liska

      I'm going through the process of installing Tableau Server 9.0. One of the minimum hardware requirements for Tableau Server 9.0 (64-bit) is that the machine has:

      • 4 cores


      I'm trying to do this install on Google Cloud, and the machine type that I am using is:

      • n1-standard-4
      • 100GB of disk space
      • 4 vCPUs (virtual CPUs)
      • 15GB RAM


      When I start the installer I get the following error:


         -- Verification result: FAILED


      Setup cannot continue because the system does not meet minimum requirements. Please make sure that the system meets the minimum recommended Tableau Server requirements: http://www.tableausoftware.com/products/server/specs



      Processor (cores): 2 (minimum required is 4)


      Other resources found:

      Memory: 15 GB

      Available disk space: 50.48 GB

      Operating System: Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter

      Service Pack 1



      So the Tableau Server 9.0 installer is reading this machine as having 2 cores, not 4, and is throwing the exception. (Fatal exception.) At this point my 2 options appear to be:

      1. Downgrading to the 32-bit version of Tableau Server. (The 32-bit version is fine with just 2 cores.)
      2. Upgrading the machine type on Google Cloud to the 8 vCPU machine, which is more expensive per month.


      Is there any other work-around that people know of to get Tableau Server to recognize this config as a valid 4 core machine?