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    How to handle source control for publishing data sources?

    Michael Carper

      Every data source that's published to the Server needs a workbook from which the data source is originally published. If this workbook is deleted, the connection persists, but it can't be edited. Obviously, keeping track of these workbooks is imperative.


      To handle this, I've gotten into the habit of keeping all my data sources in a single "data source config" workbook. All my formatting/metadata/calculation changes are applied at the data source level, and published to the Server. The workbook itself also lives on the Server.


      However, this leaves open the possibility of one of my teammates opening the "data source config" workbook at the same time as myself, and potentially saving over changes.


      Now, I know that Tableau has no source control whatsoever. But I'm curious as to what work-arounds or alternate steps people have taken to at least achieve SOME of the functionalities of source control--especially in regard to data sources. (Besides just taking backups of all workbooks).


      I'm considering not publishing the "data source config" workbook to the Server at all, and instead just keeping in SharePoint. The sources would still publish to the Server, but the workbook itself would be subject to SP's versioning.