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    Server slowdowns

    yann shukor



      We recently upgraded from version 8.2 to version 9 of

      Tableau Server


      I had previously noted slowdowns of our Windows Server

      2012 R2 around nine in the morning (CET).


      Unfortunately this is still the case with version 9.0


      Does Tableau Server execute processes in the morning that

      could cause the server to slowdown ?


      We will soon improve our server specs. Currently we have a

      dual core cpu with 8GB RAM and approximately 15GB free

      disk space


      Are our woes solely linked to the server's hardware config ?

      Or is there a way to optimize Tableau Server to improve its

      behaviour ?




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          Mark McGhee

          So there's not really a process that would kick off each morning at that time.  One thing we have noticed if customers are very extract usage heavy, they may have extracts still running when end users start their day.


          Of course, the latter could be the case as well.  That is once the bulk of end users begin logging and refreshing their visualizations this load can start to have an impact.


          In regards to hardware config there might be a little confusion around this topic.   The minimum hardware requirements are 4-core for the 64-bit version of Tableau Server to install.  This requirement was the same in 8.x but before a warning was flashed and you could bypass but now the installer enforces this.  But our minimum hardware recommendations for a Production environment would be 8-core.

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            Russell Christopher

            Hi Yan -


            Per Mark's comments, a 2 core CPU with 8 GB of RAM is really only suitable (and barely so) for a small POC machine that you "play" on - I suspect you just have more users hitting the under-powered Server @ 9a than during the rest of the day, so it's especially slow then.


            Based on the fact that you mentioned  you have 2 cores, I'd guess you're running in a virtualized environment? (You can't buy a 2 core CPU these days if you tried ) . If this is the case, I'd suggest it's time to move up to at least 4 cores and a touch more RAM - Tableau 9 uses hardware more aggressively than in 8, so you'll want the extra resources.

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              yann shukor

              Thank you both for having taken the time to respond to my query


              What does surprise me is that we were able to upgrade from 8.2 to 9.0 without any issues concerning hardware requirements



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                Russell Christopher

                Hey Yann -


                Your hardware config actually meets minimum requirements for a 32-bit install...but as with many things in the world "minimum requirements" gives you "minimum performance"