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    Fast, Easy, Free Workbook Documentation and Management with the TWB Gem

    Chris Gerrard

      Want to know what's in your Workbooks? Need to make changes to them programmatically? Many of us do.

      For the past six years I've been building tools that do this, and there are other tools out there. But they have the same limitations: they're fixed-function; they're external to Tableau; they're not open; some of them are even expensive.

      Tired of creating the same functional code over and over, I've created a Ruby library to do the heavy lifting involved in Workbook analysis and manipulation, and released it to the public as a Ruby gem. I plan on formally releasing it as open source as soon as I can.

      This post: http://tableaufriction.blogspot.ca/2015/04/fast-easy-free-workbook-documentation.html describes Twb, the Ruby gem, and provides an introductory example of it in use.

      More useful apps are in the pipeline, and will be published very soon, If you have any ideas or needs for useful and valuable apps please drop a comment.