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    Server Issue

    Jayasundaram Mohanasundaram

      Hi ,

                  I am using Tableau 9.0 for report development , Is it possible to use  8.1 server to publish the report??






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          Ken Patton

          That is considered an unsupported configuration. I had heard of someone successfully some 9.0 Desktop content (that used no new 9.0 features) onto an 8.2 Server, but I have not personally tried that, and it may be that an 8.1 Server is a bridge too far.


          The easiest thing for you to try would be to make a small / simple viz and try to Publish that, to see if you get lucky. But meanwhile you might want to either downgrade your Desktop back to 8.x  (using the Alternate Download Site) or press your Server Admin to migrate to 9.0.

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            Yogananda Muthaiah



            Its not possible to publish the report on lower version with higher version of report development,.....


            Try to upgrade and try out for publish