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    Data descriptions v2

    Shawn Wallwork

      Originally asked by Bradley Kirby here




      We're building a data warehouse and intend to use Tableau as the BI tool that queries the warehouse schema (currently developing in SQL Server). I'm struggling with the metatada aspect, specifically, where can I describe data items for the Tableau user?


      In Yellowfin, there is a pretty comprehensive metadata layer that can be created on top of the data warehouse schema, which allows me to create views and physically define entity relationships and what fields are available for the end user. It also lets me describe the meaning of individual data items, i.e. using language to describe what a data item is and its meaning in a business context.


      Tableau doesn't seem to have this ability. Logically, it would appear under the 'Describe...' option when you right click a dimension or measure, but in Tableau this just describes a basic set of metrics associated with that field, i.e. role, type, status, and values (which Tableau calls 'Domain' for some reason).


      I've read the "Tableau Metadata Model" whitepaper but that appears to be more about connections and data models rather than data description.