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    Why does the map color legend show lower numbers than exist in the data?

    Matt Tillman

      I'm finding a problem that nobody on my team can remedy. Hoping someone on the forums can help.


      Several times when creating a simple map of indexed sales by zip code, I'm finding 2 challenges:

      1. The color legend shows the lowest level of sales below what the lowest level of sales is in the actual data.

           - The lowest point of actual data is .153, but the color legend shows -.205.  What's causing this difference?

          -  I'm finding this on several other map creations too. Sometimes it can be resolved by adding more color steps. But this is hit and miss.


      2. Also with the color legend, when choose Red-Blue Diverging, say with 3 steps of color, only shades of grey or blue are featured. The lowest data point is .153 and is shown as a shade of grey.  Why isn't red fairly represented?


      See attachments for details:

      1. Color Legend Edit Color - Shows the pop up that shows the true upper and lower data in the Advanced tab + the strange color selection from Question #2

      2. The Color and Size Legend - Shows how different the size legend and color legend represent the exact same data.





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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Matt,


          For getting red to be represented - try checking the "Use Full Color Range" box in your color legend dialog box.


          In terms of the values - it looks like you have the aggregation of average on your measure. Without seeing your workbook I would guess that there are a couple of other fields on your view that is changing the level at which this number is being calculated - thus making it a smaller number than expected. If you're able to post the workbook I can (or someone else) can take a look and hopefully help!