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    horrible filter response time on dashboard. Help.

    tommy durant

      I am taking over a former co-workers dashboard.


      It is shared with other co workers over our company network drive.


      Anyways, It has 3 data sources( 2 from SQL Server, 1 oracle).  I have made 3 extracts and for the extracts i have added a filter selecting only 1 year of data. I am using retail sales data. so, these are big data sets.


      The dashboard has 2 bar graphs, 1 map, and one line graph. The map can be used as an action to filter by state.  There are also 3 quick filters.  The issue is that sometimes when i use the action map or when i use a quick filter. It can take up to 5 minutes to do filtering.  It seems like if i havent used that quick filter in a while or the first time i use it upon opening the dashboard, that is what is causing the slow down.


      Other times it does the same filter or action instantaneously.  Is there any way to improve the performance on this?  I think I read its best not to use quick filters, but I am using the quick filters for things such as a wildcard store name search as there are 1000's of store names and that wouldnt work for an action sheet.