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    TDT: LoD of the Rings - May 21, 2015

    Patrick Van Der Hyde

      This live Tableau User Group #ThinkDataThursday event was held on May 21st, 2015.

      Have you ever have encountered complex questions and gotten frustrated with complex solutions that required data blending or lots of computed sets?


      Ever just give up because it would take a wizard to untangle multiple layers of table calcs?


      Tableau 9.0 brings a whole new paradigm to solve complex problems with Level of Detail (LOD) calcs.  These calculations are much easier and more intuitive than previous alternatives. 


      Join Bora Beran, and Zen Masters Craig Bloodworth and Joshua Milligan as they guide you on a journey to understand Level of Detail calcs and explore practical examples that do away with overly complex table calculations and data blending.


      • How to think in terms of Level of Detail

      • The different types of LOD calcs

      • When to use them (and when a simple table calc might still be best)


      <Registration removed since this event has passed>  - Watch the video of this event by clicking on the link in the answer below