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    Problem with 9.0

    Jeff Strauss

      I have installed 9.0 (without any customizations) on my dev box (Windows 2012 R2) and have run into a snag.  Anybody have any ideas? A support case is open already.


      From tabadmin log:

      2015-04-23 15:38:37.260 -0500_DEBUG_10.110.100.39:ORD-TBLDEV101_:_pid=17304_0x74d7ec2a__user=__request=__ Sending 'ping' to Solr...

      2015-04-23 15:38:37.260 -0500_DEBUG_10.110.100.39:ORD-TBLDEV101_:_pid=17304_0x74d7ec2a__user=__request=__ Response from Solr = false

      2015-04-23 15:38:37.307 -0500_ERROR_10.110.100.39:ORD-TBLDEV101_:_pid=17304_0x74d7ec2a__user=__request=__ Search and Browse is not available

      2015-04-23 15:38:37.323 -0500_DEBUG_10.110.100.39:ORD-TBLDEV101_:_pid=17304_0x74d7ec2a__user=__request=__ Search and Browse is not available

      2015-04-23 15:38:37.323 -0500_INFO_10.110.100.39:ORD-TBLDEV101_:_pid=17304_0x74d7ec2a__user=__request=__ Unable to determine if all components of the service started properly. See "tabadmin.log" for more information

      2015-04-23 15:38:37.448 -0500_EXACT_10.110.100.39:ORD-TBLDEV101_:_pid=17304_0x74d7ec2a__user=__request=__ Status: RUNNING


      9.0 error2.png

      9.0 error.png

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          Jeff D

          Hi Jeffrey, in Tableau 8, when you got a startup error, there were instructions saying to run "tabadmin status -v" and then check tabadmin.log.  Wondering if that might produce more detailed information for Tableau 9 also.

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            Mark McGhee

            Jeff, you're correct.  Most of the information that occurs when Tableau Server first starts up is captured in the tabadmin.log file and that hasn't changed even with 9.0.  


            Also, in a number of cases if Search & Browse doesn't come up it tends to be resource related.


            There are two things that might be worth trying:


            (1)  Try reducing all processes to just one instance and then attempt to start Tableau Server.

            (2)   If you're running the 64-bit version of Tableau Server but running on a system with the minimum install requirements (4 cores in this case) you could uninstall that version and install the 32-bit version instead since the minimum requirement is only 2 cores.

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              Jeff Strauss

              After much digging, cleaning, uninstalling, re-installing, debugging, swearing, clawing, and a bit of perseverance, the case is finally cracked and solved (at least for the short term).  And the only reason I post here is so that if you run into the same 9.0.0 issue, perhaps this will save you a week worth of the same exercise.


              See what's odd is that the problem did not occur on the install to my VM sandbox, the problem only occurred on my physical machine.  So I kept digging through environmental issues. The tabadmin.log only showed what I originally posted. And when installing on the default location (C drive), the install worked fine.  Which led me down a different path of looking at lingering registry entries, environment variables, etc.


              So the problem:

              On my physical box, I found a log called searchserver-0.log with the following text:

              2015-04-27 14:58:57.911 -0500 (,,,) localhost-startStop-1 : ERROR com.tableausoftware.app.searchservice.SearchServiceServletContextListener - Exception raised during initialization. Process Exiting.

              java.io.IOException: Unable to delete directory G:\Tableau\Tableau Server\data\tabsvc\searchserver\0\work\solr\unified_datasource\data.


              Which led me down the path of permissions, my VM somehow has all the proper explicit permissions.  my physical box is missing explicit permissions on a few directories such as the one below.  Do permissions work differently for VM?




              Upon adding explicit permissions for my service account and properly cascading them all the way down the tree and then doing a tabadmin restart, things start working good


              In order to make the install fully work great, after you do the tabadminr restart, you have to finish the remainder of the setup which is to add an admin account.  Go to localhost on the server browser and it will ask you to add an admin account.



              With any luck, the permissions will be handled more gracefully with a .patch

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                Toby Erkson

                Jeff, thanks for persevering and following-through with a solution