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    web edit save as.  where  does it get written?

    Tim Fauber

      So I have proven that I can publish a dataconnection and my user ‘John Interactor’ can select it and create a view/sheet against the data source, he can create a second view/sheet. But there is no tab to instantiate a dashboard.  I thought that was interesting.   So I save the web edit session using the ‘save as’ button I choose  xxxxxxxx as the name.   


      I wanted to find the saved workbook xxxxxxxx.twb and edit it in the desktop tool, I want to add the dashboard.  I use the windows search facility, but I can’t find any file name xxxxxxxx.    Wow.   What could that mean?  


      My initial thought is that the workbook is publish but not written as a .twb file.  Published means the .xml for it is store in the underlaying postgres database and I can’t get at it. 


      I am still reviewing this. It seems dashboard creation is a web edit limitation.  And simply using desktop to create the dashboard isn’t straight forward.


      If you can shed any light on how to take a web edit set of views/sheets and create a dashboard to complete the workbook  let me know.


      Refer to http://onlinehelp.tableau.com/v9.0/server/en-us/help.htm#web_author_build_view.htm  at the very bottom, they show the button ‘save’.   The question is what is being saved and where?  I would like to open the saved workbook in desktop.