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    A special thanks to the community

    Robert Rouse

      I may not post here as much as many of you do, but I constantly land in forum threads answering a problem or teaching people how to do some Jedi-style tricks. That's how I've learned most of what I know about Tableau and I wanted to send a special "Thanks" in the form of a viz. For those who like hunting for easter eggs, the attached workbook has something fun for you to find. It shouldn't be all that hard to spot.


      Link to Tableau Public: Workbook: Tableau Community Mosaic


      I pulled most of the data together using the Jive API. It doesn't return points and levels since those come from a gamification plugin called Nitro. So, I had to scrape that info using Import.io.


      Sincerely, thanks so much to everyone who gives free advice and solves problems for people every day. This community is one of the best things about Tableau and I hope that continues for a long time.