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    Display of text table


      I am working on a report that is formerly displayed as a web page.

      The goal is to design this reporting so that it is familiar looking while providing a way to access the report without being logged into our network. We also want this to display without a bunch of scrolling involved on whatever device the end user wants to view the report with.

      The data is pre-calculated in sql using several stored procedures and functions, and all I am looking to do is use Tableau as the frontend to display that data. I have multiple connections and a handful of worksheets made up, and I have it displayed to a dashboard.


      So I can do all this and get a result similar to what I am expecting, but the issue is that it isn't very neat.  By neat I mean there's little gaps in the tiles an the lines don't add up so that rows are totally straight.  Also, with the rightmost columns containing year-to-date totals, I'm finding that as the fiscal year progresses, these turn into scroll bars because they no longer fit the space allotted.  That looks messy quickly, being that each 'box' or 'table' of data corresponds to a worksheet...so there are a number of them that will grow with time and offset my rows. Ten + scrollbars on the report isn't going to work.

      Ideally, I'd like this data to come out looking like one big uniformly spaced table.  I haven't been working with Tableau for more than a few weeks, so I'm trying to learn quickly but produce something useable as I go.

      We have a user that has been working with Tableau for nearly a year, who says the way to accomplish this is just stacking and spacing tiles on the dashboard to get the view approximate to what I want.

      Is there a better way?  Is there a cleaner way?    This data is all formatted text.  It doesn't make sense as a graph or a visual representation. It is a day by day report of sales data, that basically does a running tally to also report on YTD and prior YTD data.

      Attached is a screenshot of the dashboard view so you can see what the data set looks like.  You can see the scrollbar issue I am going to have going this route.  Can you recommend anything I can try?  Thanks in advance!

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          Tom W

          When I first read this and looked at your example, I feel like you'd be better suited delivering this as a webpage.


          If you can reshape your data and perform some calculations in the database so you have one consolidated source, you could get something to work. For example, if you could structure your dataset like this you will get a perfect table:



          GAME DAYActualTotal Tickets Sold32065
          GAME DAYActualTickets30912
          GAME DAYActualCommissioner's Initiative1153
          GAME DAYActualIn Park Attendance25764
          GAME DAYBudgetTotal Tickets Sold29000
          GAME DAYBudgetTickets
          GAME DAYBudgetCommissioner's Initiative
          GAME DAYBudgetIn Park Attendance
          GAME DAYVarianceTotal Tickets Sold3065
          YTDActualTotal Tickets Sold566629
          YTDActualCommissioner's Initiative16284
          YTDActualIn Park Attendance476090
          YTDBudgetTotal Tickets Sold560500
          YTDBudgetCommissioner's Initiative
          YTDBudgetIn Park Attendance
          YTDVarianceTotal Tickets Sold6129
          YTD PRIORActualTotal Tickets Sold566629
          YTD PRIORActualTickets550345
          YTD PRIORActualCommissioner's Initiative16284
          YTD PRIORActualIn Park Attendance476090
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            Hi Tom,

            There has been a lot of re-structuring going on with this.  Thanks for the reply...we took your advice, after several attempts, came up with nearly exactly what you suggested above, and I was able to get it to connect and display fairly close to what I wanted.

            One major problem I am running into is that I am not able to control the formatting of the values now.  For instance, the values seem to be all subject to the same format.  I've got to treat them as all numeric, all currency, all decimal, etc.  When in reality I need the report to allow all those plus percentages for per cap stuff on this one consolidated datasource.  Is that even a possibility?  Or will this force me to format all the values the same?

            That is making the case for whether to have tableau host the report, or letting it be a webpage.

            Thanks for your help!!  you were right-on with the first suggestion. 

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              Tom W

              You could format the numbers for each column by creating a calculated field which converts it to a string.

              It's not ideal because you won't have ultimate control over alignments etc;


              IF ATTR(Measure)='Tickets' THEN  STR(SUM(Value)) + ' people'

              ELSEIF ATTR(Measure)='Total Tickets Sold' THEN  STR(SUM(Value)) + ' total'

              ELSEIF ATTR(Measure)="Commissioner's Initiative" THEN  '$' +STR(SUM(Value))

              ELSE STR(SUM(Value))



              Within that formula you can apply formats, use rounding functions etc.