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    Tableau colour palette - option for RAGG (red-amber-green-gold) rating?!

    chris Sykes

      Hi everyone,


      I'm trying to conditionally format data within a table based on a RAGG rating (red-amber-green-gold) I have defined for them. When i go to 'edit colours', there is a dropdown with a long list of potential colours, but no option for the RAGG rating colours! And not even an option to edit your own colours in each of the 4 steps I have defined - only the 1st and last colour, and then it will automatically decide that the middle 2 colours should be a gradual mix of the two.


      Can someone please let me know how to solve this, or if it is indeed impossible? I'm finding this all the time with Tableau - it seems that they've focussed on making things look pretty but left out all sorts of really basic options, it's driving me nuts! Anyway rant over, i'd really appreciate your help!