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    Numbers w/decimals aren't appearing properly...

    M Panda



      I am using a large spreadsheet with about 400K rows.  In the columns with "Measures" data, I'd say 75% of the data are large 6-7 digit numbers.  The other 25% are 1 digit numbers with decimals.  It seems like these small numbers don't appear properly.


      For example, in the screen shot below, it looks like a lot of data is missing.  Only 50 of the possible 3,030 rows of data is showing with the filter I have selected.


      Ultimately, I want to the numbers to show up exactly as they do in the spreadsheet I listed.  Whether it's 1.8, .934, 1,403,304 or 342,466.  Can someone help me with this?


      2015-04-21 07.04.33 pm.png

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