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    Schedule Extracts from a Tableau Server Data Source

    ray malone

      We decided to leverage a Tableau Data Source almost like a Semantic layer and create one Large Live Data source that has been highly customized with Folders, Hierarchies, Calculations, etc to centralize the business logic then let our Report / Dashboard authors write reports from this single Source and build extracts from the data instead of hitting the Data Source live.  We don't want to turn the Live Large Tableau Server Data Source into an extract due to the amount of data required to build (5 to 10 years worth of data and no way to build incrementally due to updates).  The advantage here would allow a centralized Data Source to contain all of the business logic around calcs then the Dashboard would contain their own extracts for speed, but allow the calcs to be updated if necessary in one location.  Our uses on a Workbook by Workbook basis don't require large amounts of data or a full 10 years, but at times they do need it.



      1) Central Team: Creates a highly customized Data Source and upload to Tableau Server

      2) Dashboard Authors

           a) would then create their dashboard from the live data

           b) hide all non-used fields

           c) Create an extract from the Tableau Server Data Source

           d) Publish the Dashboard and schedule the refresh to run daily.


      3) Central Team:  Modifies a calc in the Centralized Data Source

      4) Next day or refresh of the workbook the new calc is used.


      Tableau Desktop allow the creation of the Extract through 2.C and even allows the 2.D to occur, but the Refresh fails.  Our support contact indicates we should be able to do this, but I can't seem to get the refresh to complete.