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    Unable to use Level of Detail Calculation, predicates would lead to too big intermediate results?

    Nicole Edmonds

      I just upgraded to 9.0 (Hooray!) and testing out one of the scenarios seen here, specifically #10 - Repeat purchase by Cohort, as this scenario applies to a similar request I got recently.  http://www.tableau.com/LOD-expressions?utm_campaign=54e9aac373a6a315aa00d4ee&utm_content=5523e12c73a6a33d2500c14d&utm_medium=linkedin&utm_source=smarpshare


      I am following the steps exactly the same, but subbing in my existing data from an Exasol table.  The table I am using is over 5 million rows.   when I get to the step of putting the LOD calc on rows, Tableau throws an error - "One of the predicates would lead to too big intermediate results.  Table <EXASOL_TABLE> has more than 5000000 rows or is bigger than 5000000 rows." 


      Is there a limit on how much data can be used through LOD calcs?  I wasn't able to find any documentation on it.   Previously, I just handled this at the data layer/SQL query, but thought "cool, Tableau makes it easier!".