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    Add: Show workbook sheets as tabs option

    Mohita Khamar

      I have been using tableau for a year now and it is a great tool to work on. However, with my observation on the changes on the tool for last few times I am facing this particular issue in the 9.0 version.


      I have been trying to save my tableau public files with various worksheet as tabs when published. It saves only to that particular page and thus gets difficult to publish the link. In the earlier versions we use to get a check box that would allow us to mark “show workbook sheets as tabs”, which I don’t find it here when I use the save as option. It allowed me to save all my worksheets as tabs as default for every time I created one file.


      When I now save the file it takes me to a web page where I click on the edit details and check that box under other settings. Now this converts all my worksheets as tabs and then I can use the link to publish the report. However, this is temporary which means I have to do this all the time and does not allow me to make this as the default.


      Can you please help fix this in Tableau 9.0, that will allow us to save all the sheets as tabs every time as default similar to previous versions. I create various files and thus this particular option is very important to work forward.


      Thank you for your help in advance.