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    Data Level/Rules Based Push Notifications

    Dan Girard

      Hello all,


      I have several workbooks that need to send out notifications when certain data levels are hit (e.g. Number of "X" > Limit). Some of these workbooks may have several hundred "rules" (e.g. 100 clients have 100 different data level limits). I know that there are 3rd party vendors who do this (Metric Insights is one).


      Is anyone using a "home grown" version of this? I know that there was a tutorial on how to do this (Email alerts with Tableau) but I'm not sure if this is the best way to "manage" a lot of different alerts.


      If anyone has any tutorials or suggestions as to how we could create/manage these alerts? Is anyone using the Tableau API to do this?





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          Toby Erkson


          I moved this to the Server Admin forum because this is something only really accomplishable using tabcmd and a custom scripting/3rd party emailer from what I've seen here in the forums (aside from vendors, of course).  Such work will typically be done by Server admins or other advanced personnel, not your every-day Desktop user, so there will be coverage in here than there.

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            Dan Girard

            Thanks Toby. I wasn't sure what the best location was. Appreciate the move.

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              Matt Coles

              Wow, I did not even know that existed. Very interesting! We are using a very similar mechanism internally right now to generate email alerts based simply on the presence of data in the viz. It supports this via Subscriptions schedules, and also allow mapping viz fields with specific names to email properties, so that calculated fields can be used to customize to/from/cc/bcc/subject/body.


              Right now we're primarily using it to alert us of items worthy of Tableau Server admin attention (stale extracts, failing extracts, people publishing large content up, etc). I am hoping to be able to get it on GitHub once it is reviewed by the Dev team (I'm a novice Python dev still, and it needs a looking-over).


              My version does not use Server REST API at all--it uses Trusted tickets, a direct connection to the Repository with the readonly user, and http GET calls to pull the viz data in CSV and PNG format.

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                Toby Erkson

                More than one way to solve a problem, thanks Matt


                While this doesn't specifically answer your question it does show yet another way to get info from the Server and email it:


                Tableau Server Status Monitor


                It may help with the brain-storming.