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    Count days in Date Range

    Daniel Gisch



      I'm trying count the number of records that fall into a date range and then display them.


      Data set:

      Company NameEntry DateClose Date
      ABC Company1/1/20151/10/2015
      Test Co.1/3/20151/10/2015
      Sample Company1/4/20151/11/2015
      123 Inc.1/4/20151/11/2015
      456 Co.1/5/20151/13/2015


      What I would like to show:


      Each day in the month show how many records appear that day and have not passed their effective date.

      1/1/2013 - 1

      1/2/2013 - 1

      1/3/2013 - 2

      1/4/2013 - 4

      1/5/2013 - 5


      Later in the month


      1/10/2015 - 5

      1/11/2015 - 4

      1/12/2015 - 1

      1/13/2015 - 1

      1/14/2015 - 0


      The records in my data set does not have all the days in the month. There will be several days in my dataset that do not appear. For example 1/2/2015 is not in my dataset but I would still like to know on that day how open records there are.



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          Bill Lyons

          First, welcome to the Tableau Forums! To improve your experience here, please see: Getting the Most From the Tableau Forums


          A sample packaged workbook (twbx) would help us help you.


          That said, in order to show values where none exist (i.e. count zero when there is nothing), the option "show missing values" can do it, but frequently you may need a "scaffold," which is a data set that includes all the values you need in order to measure the occurrences for that value.


          Again, a packaged workbook with an example would help.