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    Meta data issues #askednotanswered

    john ripper

      HI guys,


      By data sources: I mean extracts published in the tableau server.

      Current scenario:

      Moving the data source from prod to dev is causing problems. Which are: whenever we change the data sources( point to data sources in dev instead of prod) so as to publish the workbook in dev, It is causing all our calculated fields and legends to change automatically.

      The best possible solution to prevent any such changes, I found on the internet is :


      1. Create a local copy of the data source

      2. Switch from the server data source to the local data source

      3. Log off from the server

      4. Log on to the new server / site

      5. Connect to the new Server data source

      6. Switch from the local data source to the Server data source



      If we name the data sources and fields in those data sources exactly alike in both dev and Prod data sources and then have the workbook pointed to the dev datasources, is it possible to bypass the problem and above mentioned steps ? or is there any better solution you guys use ?



      ref: meta data issues while replacing published data sources from prod to dev

      Shawn Wallwork, thanks for the reply Shawn

      Thanks guys