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    How can I edit relationships between 3 separate data sources..?

    Justin Nathan

      I have the following 3 data sources that I need to join.  The names of the data sources are below and the names of the Dimensions that connect each are shown in brackets:


      1. Market data - (SystemID, ReutersID)
      2. Core - (SystemID)
      3. RL - (ReutersID)


      The issue that I'm trying to resolve is how to form a relationship between 'Core' and 'RL'...?  I know how to edit the relationship so that 'Market data' can connect to 'Core' and 'RL' however I'm struggling with editing the relationship so that 'Core' and 'RL' can speak to each other.


      Can 'Market data' be used in anyway to facilitate this?  Is there another way to approach this issue?


      Many thanks