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    Tableau Server and Extracts

    David Zenesh

      Hi All,

      I'm using Tableau server 9 with a workbook that connects to SQL data and generated extract files.

      Could any one replay me with information on a questions we have:


      1. I want to build to solution like this: one workbook will do all the data refresh and create the extracts,  second workbook

      will work using as the data source the extracts generated by the first workbook.


      Is this possible?  if yes, could you recommend on how to do this.


      2. Where the Tableau server stores the extracts generated by the workbook? can we access those extracts as a data sources?

      I'm asking this because we currently saved the extracts on c:\extracts, but when we run the scheduled refresh we didn't saw that the files where updated ('last modified..').


      I'll appreciate your prompted reply on those issues.


      Thanks in advance,